Horder Healthcare uses IMS MAXIMS electronic patient record to enable digital transformation


Healthcare charity to provide hundreds of staff across the South East of England with access to vital patient information at the point of care

Horder Healthcare is to deploy an electronic patient record (EPR) from software provider, IMS MAXIMS, in order to improve care for thousands of patients.

As part of a drive to reduce reliance on paper records in line with the NHS’s ambition of a paperless NHS; the move will enable the not-for-profit organisation to enhance the way it delivers specialist services including orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, physiotherapy, maxillofacial and dental, as well as plastic and reconstructive, eye, and hand surgery across the South East of England.

Known as MAXIMS, the innovative EPR is a single system which will share crucial clinical and administrative information across the company’s five sites.

Known as MAXIMS, the technology has already been proven in NHS hospitals and will mean that 350 staff working for Horder Healthcare across the region will have real-time access to patient information wherever they are.

New workflow efficiencies will simplify and speed up many core activities, while the charity’s vision of a digital future and becoming paper-free at the point of care will mean better-informed clinical decisions and a seamless patient experience as information follows patients across sites.

Andrew Bover, head of IM&T at Horder Healthcare, said: “Moving away from costly paper-based records is fundamental to delivering safer and better care and for better engagement with our patients.

“The MAXIMS EPR will give us a whole new platform to enable Horder’s transition into the digital healthcare era.

“We will now free up clinical time and increase accuracy of the information our professionals are accessing by linking systems such as our medical imaging software to the EPR. This will remove the need for someone to manually type information into a separate system and reduce the chance of someone retrieving the wrong patient record at the point of care.”

The contract will see the implementation of the full suite of MAXIMS products and additional functionality for patient billing and accounting services from IMS MAXIMS partner, CommonMS, who will be providing the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning component.

Shane Tickell, chief executive of IMS MAXIMS, said: “Horder Healthcare’s decision to choose MAXIMS further adds to the growing community of MAXIMS users within the independent sector and further strengthens the group’s commitment to continuous service improvement and quality customer service.

“The new system will ensure Horder Healthcare can meet the growing demands on its services in a safe and effective manner, but also future roofs the organisation’s proposition as it looks to expand its expertise to new geographical areas.”

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The 10-year contract involves IMS MAXIMS providing implementation, project management, transformational change management, configuration, data migration, and maintenance.