Roche launches new blood gas training app for healthcare professionals


Essential blood gas pre-analytics training on iPhone or iPad

Downloadable free of charge from the App Store, the Blood Gas – Learn your ABGs app from Roche is a fun new training tool designed to support healthcare professionals in learning how to avoid pre-analytical errors in arterial blood gas (ABG) testing.

Covering all aspects of blood gas pre-analytics, from patient preparation to sample collection and storage, the app aims to help ensure good practice, safe procedures and reliable results in point-of-care ABG testing.

Users can access fully-referenced teaching material for all aspects of blood gas pre-analytics, including collection devices, anticoagulants, patient preparation, sample collection, sample mixing, sample treatment and transport, and sample storage. After successfully completing an interactive quiz, with three rounds of multiple choice questions and six mini-game challenges, users are issued with a training certificate that can be emailed as a permanent record of their achievement.

“Good pre-analytical procedures are extremely important to ensure accurate and reliable blood gas results,” said Michael Kew, market manager.

“This interactive app provides an accessible and entertaining way to learn, while stressing the importance of each aspect of ABG testing pre-analytics. This is just one aspect of the service that we offer in support of Roche point of care blood gas analysers, such as the cobas b 123 POC System.”

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