Vulcathene sees clearly with product expansion


New sight glass product aids continuous monitoring and inspection of pipework systems

Vulcathene, the specialist chemical drainage system from Durapipe UK, is expanding its portfolio to include the introduction of a new sight glass product to aid continuous monitoring and inspection of a pipework system.

Launched following extensive research with customers in the market, the new Vulcathene sight glass is manufactured from borosilicate glass and is supplied with Vulcathene mechanical couplings for connection to Vulcathene pipe in sizes 38mm & 51mm. Borosilicate glass was traditionally used for full system chemical drainage applications due to its excellent chemical and heat resistance, but its relative expense has seen its use significantly reduce, with more cost-effective systems, such as Vulcathene, now more widely used.

Incorporating the new sight glass into the Vulcathene system combines the benefits of both materials to offer customers an enhanced product. The transparency of the sight glass allows continuous monitoring of the system to ensure any build up or potential blockages can be quickly and easily identified and cleared.

The ability to quickly identify build up is particularly important within chemical drainage systems as a build up of aggressive chemicals or acids could potentially cause damage to the system if left untouched. Early identification of potential blockages will also significantly reduce repair and maintenance requirements.

Commenting on the new product launch, Des Dolan, building services brand manager at Durapipe UK, said: “We are continually speaking to our customers about their current needs and looking at ways to develop and enhance our product offering to meet their requirements. The addition of the sight glass enables continuous monitoring of the installation and also guarantees the client has a debris-free new system.

“Furthermore, this product is ideal for existing system installations as a retro-fit piece, providing users with the ability to quickly and easily identify any blockages.”

Vulcathene is a purpose-designed chemical drainage system available in two easy jointing methods; Mechanical for demountable joints and Enfusion for welded joints, offering complete flexibility for designers and installers of chemical waste systems.

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The market-leading pipework system boasts a proven track record for chemical drainage, as it is the only product that has passed the test of time in terms of safely conveying chemical waste in a variety of laboratory applications.