Wellnostics launches world’s-first pain-free lancet device


Innovation promises to change the lives of diabetics

  • The Genteel Lancing Device draws blood from anywhere on the body
  • It allows children with Type 1 diabetes to sleep while being tested
  • Means no more squeezing your finger for blood
  • No more sore, swollen or sensitive finger tips
  • Device is clinically proven to allow people to test more often, avoiding potential complications of diabetes
  • Allows redraw of blood using same pin prick all day to save on lancets
The Genteel Lancing Device will help people with diabetes

The Genteel Lancing Device will help people with diabetes

Diabetics need to test their blood regularly, and the good news is the world’s-only pain-free lancet device is now available in the UK from Wellnostics.

With its patented Butterfly Touch Technology; the Genteel Lancing Device draws blood from anywhere on the body without pain.

Using vacuum, vibration and depth control; the perfect drop of blood can be drawn from any site.

The device claims to be pain free because it only reaches blood capillaries and avoids hitting the pain nerves all together.

Dr Chris Jacobs, chief executive and inventor of the Genteel, claims the device challenges everything we know about lancing devices.

He is a strong advocate for testing more often, and so recognised that in order to encourage people to do so, he had to illuminate some of the barriers.

“We know that diabetes comes with a wide variety of potential complications from cardiovascular, kidney and eye diseases to amputation,” he said.

“We also know a great way to avoid these is to track your blood glucose levels regularly.

“When we researched why people weren’t testing as often as they should, a whole range of barriers came up, from the pain associated with withdrawing blood and not wanting to wake children while they were sleeping, to people complaining of sore and rough fingers from continually testing in the same place.”

Wellnostics chief executive, Hugh Sheridan, added: “We are delighted to be providing this revolutionary technology to those with diabetes as we know this is just another technological advancement that is helping to provide life without limits.

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“We are constantly searching for solutions that we believe make people ‘healthsmart’, and this device is absolute testament to this belief because it will lead to more diabetics having better lives.”